How does it work?

Convenient | Digital | Transparent

  Full e-bidding process on the platform; no more emails or calls

  Fully transparent process

Easy onboarding of existing suppliers

  A user-friendly platform for suppliers

  No digital savviness required

  Lapasar’s team supports in educating & onboarding pre-existing suppliers

  No onboarding cost for suppliers

Create Bid

User creates online reverse-bidding event User defines Start time | End time | Ceiling price User invites followers to monitor the e-bidding

Select participating suppliers

Option A: Manual adding of suppliers to be invited for a specific bid Option B: Upload database of suppliers for easy drop-down selection for current and all future projects. Suppliers receive unique login ID & password

Real-time ranking

After the e-bidding starts, bidders will be ranked real-time, following the prices of the bids, whereby the cheapest price will be on top Prices are hidden from other bidders; only the ranking is visible Unlimited number of bidders Option to extend the e-bidding project