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Lapasar is a B2B platform designed for corporate clients

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Lapasar.com is a B2B marketplace experience of ‘add-to-cart and checkout’. In the backend, Lapasar.com provides procurement features needed for corporates to maintain governance. Businesses can buy anything on the system from pantry supplies or IT equipment to building and production materials.

The transparency and open competition of the platform also ensures that the most qualified vendors receive orders - as opposed to e.g. predetermined tenders. Lapasar.com aspires to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution that includes logistics, warehousing, wholesale market and payment solution.

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We Offer

Lapasar is B2B platform designed for corporate clients

The Ultimate Procurement Solution

We have integrated Workflow Management, Transaction Management & Document Management, All Into One Platform.

Reduced Buying Time, Increased Sales

We have broken the barriers for small vendors to serve large organisations. As we help vendors to increase sales, our platform also quickens this process for corporate as well.

Corporate Marketplace, Corporate Style

Corporate purchases must abide by a workflow protocol. We have the entire workflow system in place.

Equal Opportunity

We promote Corruption Free buying and selling among our buyers & vendors. In our marketplace, your product speaks for you.

Our Team

Lapasar is B2B platform designed for corporate clients

Thinesh Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Lakshman Das

Chief Operations Officer

Noomi Fessler

Chief Financial Officer

Dannis Raj

Chief Process Officer

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Lapasar is B2B platform designed for corporate clients

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